PECANS FOR SALE! Starting.....NOW!

PECANS FOR SALE!  Starting.....NOW!
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Posted By: Jaci Ackerman
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Date Posted: Mon, Sep 9 2019
Ms. Shea Shea, Triad A Cappella Connection's  very own stand up comedienne extradordinaire, rolled out the chorus' annual pecan fundraiser after the ladies' performance at Homestead Hills community in Winston-Salem, NC .  "This is our biggest fundraiser of the year, "says Carol Cherwaty, TAC's Financial Coordinator.  The chorus relies heavily on the proceeds from this fundraiser and this year they need all the help they can get to keep bringing our music to audiences young and old throughout the Triad area.  Once you taste these pecans you'll realize it's no great burden to participate by buying these fresh nuts. Mascot Pecan Company sells us freshly harvested pecans each fall and you can taste the difference between these and supermarket pecans. Be sure to buy enough for candied pecans, pecan pies, sweet potato casserole and pralines because the family will gobble these down as fast as they can get their hands on them.  Here are some great recipes in case you run out of ideas before you run out of pecans!   Taste of Home Pecan Recipes  (Please hold your Shift Key when you click to open a new browser window.)  And then once you have all your ideas, click here to place your order!