• Regarding The chorus in general
  • As a long-time admirer of barbershop style four-part harmony, I'm delighted to have discovered the Triad A Cappella Connection. Their skills are showcased with precise harmonies, sweet sounds, and pure fun! Treat yourself to a show sometime soon.
    - MH

    Sweet Adelines saved my life. Literally. In 2002 I developed a DVT in my right leg. I was at Chorus rehearsal when it moved to my lungs. The doctor at the hospital told me whatever I was doing at the time it moved saved my life. I was singing and I can tell you the song I was singing and I can tell you when it happened because I felt it. We were singing Can You Feel the Love Tonight. I kid you not. Had I been home on the sofa like I am right now being a couch potato it would have killed me. It went to my lungs and shattered into a million little bitty dots. That's because I was singing and really pushing the air through my lungs. There are lots of stories I can tell you about what this chorus has done for me personally over the many years. The best friends you can ever make!
    - Cindy S.

    Years ago I was involved in volunteer work but drew back from that to raise my family and focus on my career. Two years ago my youngest child finished high school soccer and so my evenings were free. A "Golden Triad Chorus" notice came across my inbox and I went to see what they were all about. It was one of the best decisions I ever made! The chorus has provided me with great friends, a guaranteed good time every Monday night and a chance to sing, sing, sing! I also have the opportunity to volunteer for the chorus which is very satisfying.
    - J. A.


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