Is Sweet Adelines for you?

Do you sing in the shower?
Do you harmonize along with songs on the radio?
Do you miss your choral group since getting out of school?

Do you want to learn more about the joy of singing A Cappella music?
Then you could be a Sweet Adeline!!

First you'll want to come to one of our rehearsals to meet us.  See our Rehearsal page for information on where and when rehearsals are held.  After you've visited a few of our rehearsals, if you want to pursue becoming a member of Triad A Cappella Connection - What next?

During the first few visits, guests are provided with information about our chorus and the expectations of membership.  The Membership Chairperson or her representative is available to answer questions.  Songbooks are provided for use during the rehearsal and guests are welcome to sing on the risers with the members. 

Once a guest has decided that she would like to join TAC, she is given an opportunity to audition. Any questions regarding the audition process and membership will be answered at any time.  Members of our chorus support guests throughout this process so that they will feel comfortable and also get to know more members each time they come.

Ask about special membership rates for women under the age of 25.
Bring a friend and come sing with us.  It's GREAT fun!

Need more information? E-mail us at 
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